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Timothy Barr is a man of deep faith, with a young family and a small business, fighting to preserve the Constitution and traditional family values. He was born and raised in Northeast Georgia on a small farm, where he learned responsibility and the importance of hard work. In 2005, Timothy started a small business, Patriot Construction Company. As his business has flourished, he has been able to help build two children’s homes and is passionately involved in volunteer work across the globe. 


Timothy and his wife Melinda have served faithfully in their church over the years. God has blessed them with four children, Liberty, Haven, Maverick, and Dixie. Their family enjoys many outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and being on the water. 


In 2012, Timothy was elected to represent District 103 in the Georgia State House. In Atlanta, he proudly stood up for conservative values by fighting for the Heartbeat Bill, cosponsoring Constitutional Carry, and working to eliminate our state income tax. 

As a strong believer in limited government and conservative leadership, Timothy has pledged to join the House Freedom Caucus if elected.

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